The 10 Best Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas 2018

Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas:  Want to Make it Easy and Elegant? Some simple ways to decorate for the Thanksgiving Holiday that won’t stress you out or break the bank. Here are just a few things that you can do to make your Thanksgiving holiday special.

10 Best Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas 2018

1. Centerpieces 

They are the most important Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas for the Thanksgiving holiday because the centerpiece is central to the table. The centerpiece sets the mood you are creating and all the other decor should support and coordinate with the theme and colors of the centerpiece.  It is a good idea to have it delivered a day or two ahead of time so you can match the colors and details.

2. Harvest Wreath

Harvest Wreaths are a great way to welcome your guest. A beautiful wreath on the door creates a wonderful welcome and starts the holiday off right. You can re-use some thanksgiving wreaths the following year if you store them correctly.

3. Candles

Candles light up a room and give any setting a soft touch. Candles create a warm and intimate mood that is perfect for family, friends and good conversation. Placement is key, color and sent should also be considered.

4. Fresh Cut Flowers

Fresh Cut Flowers make an elegant statement in any room. This is an especially nice way of Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas at Thanksgiving with autumn colors and fall foliage. If you have an entryway or foyer,  a bouquet of fresh cut flowers is an easy way to welcome your guest. Another nice choice for a more rustic look and feel is a Dried Flower Arrangement. You can put an arrangement together from your own garden or you can order them from a quality florist.

Napkin Rings are a fun way to add that something special to your table. Attention to detail can really make your table fun and your guest feel special.  Themed napkin rings are festive and are actually really easy to make if you are in the mood for a little craft project.

Thanksgiving Day Parade 2018

Pick up some scrapbook die cut pieces from the craft store. I might suggest pilgrims, turkeys, pumpkins, cornucopia or anything you find that will work with your Thanksgiving holiday deocration theme. I like to use wire-supported gift-wrapping ribbon to create the ring that goes around the napkin. You can hot glue it together or simply tie it, then I hot glue the decorative piece on the top of the ribbon were it attaches to it’s self.

5. Fun Ideas For the Kids Table  

Thanksgiving decorating for the kids table A “Gratitude Storyboard” can make sitting at the “kids table” the best seat in the house!  This is a fun project and it also helps kids  focus on an “attitude of gratitude”.

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Gather up old magazines, glue sticks, poster boards (place mat size) and child safe scissors.  Create an area were there is plenty of flat surfaces to work and encourage the kids to create a storyboard that expresses the things and people for which they feel grateful.

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A storyboard is a collage of pictures grouped together in a theme, then glued in place.  You can supply crayons and markers so that they can also draw and write on their collage as well. Coloring books can add dimension and a more personal touch.

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When they are finished, you can either laminate their storyboards and use as them as place mats or you can place them on the table at each child’s seat and cover the table with a clear plastic table cloth. Encourage each child to share what is on their story board with the rest of the party or maybe just those lucky enough to be sitting at the “kids table”.

6. Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids 

Find Thanksgiving Crafts and other Craft Decoration Ideas for your Kids on Family Fun.

7. Thanksgiving Decorations

Does anyone else decorate for Thanksgiving? Sometimes I feel like it is a holiday that is often skipped over. I love Thanksgiving and everything it represents.

8. Making Your Own Thanksgiving Decorations, With Kids

Rather than go o fef ut and spend money on decorations for your home and table for Thanksgiving, have a look around at what you can re purpose for this use.

9. Always a Southern Girl: Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

Yesterday I spent the afternoon, putting away all the Halloween decorations and getting out the Thanksgiving decorations.

10. White Christmas – Green Thanksgiving

Instead of buying extraneous Thanksgiving decorations – make your own out of natural materials. And use cloth napkins that can be washed and used again. Recycle paper, plastic, glass and aluminum containers.

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