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The First Thanksgiving Facts and Myths | Interesting Fun Facts for Kids & Canadian Trivia History

Facts about the first Thanksgiving in America is about why we celebrate Thanksgiving every year knowing the exact meaning of it. Some of the football Thanksgiving fun facts is also important that each of us know fun facts about thanksgiving related to plays at least preschoolers. Some people also start argument on the history of Canadian Thanksgiving which is a very important and interesting fun facts on Thanksgiving and trivia. There are lots of facts that are very little known Thanksgiving fun facts such as about black balloon fest and football Mexican modern day celebration facts. Every preschool must teach and spread the idea and celebration tricks that kids can use at home and which they can start learning with random thanksgiving fun facts about Thanksgiving every year without going through bad rumors on thanksgiving fun facts.

  • Every year the American president pardons two turkeys for Thanksgiving – this tradition dates all the way back to President Abraham Lincoln, who pardoned his son’s turkeys one year, but became official in 1947
  • A wild turkey can run 20 miles per hour when scared
  • The average turkey weighs 15 pounds

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There are also some small simple stupid kind of thanksgiving fun facts there are also important for celebration and other types myths. Many people ask about what are some 5 cool interesting facts about Thanksgiving which are also weird but true facts. There is no use of unknown and I need you fact about the vegetarian use less turkey fact on the very first day of this historical day of everyone who is in preschool or kindergarten.

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  1. 10 easy facts about Thanksgiving that can’t be true are that turkey is not cooked at this day.
  2. The world’s largest pumpkin pie, made at the 2010 Pumpkin fest in New Bremen, Ohio, weighed 3,699 pounds and was 20 feet in diameter.
  1. President Abraham Lincoln Made It An Official Holiday
  2. In 2012, the U.S. produced 2.6 billion pounds of sweet potatoes, more than 1.2 billion pounds of pumpkins, and an estimated 768 million pounds of cranberries.
  1. Most Popular Parade In North America is Held on Thanksgiving Day
  1. George Washington proclaimed the first national Thanksgiving Day, held on November 26, 1789.
  1. More food is eaten in the USA on Thanksgiving Day than on any other day of the year.
  1. The National Turkey Federation estimates that 736 million pounds of turkey meat are consumed every year on Thanksgiving.
  1. Minnesota is our top turkey-producing state. Cranberries, on the other hand, are primarily grown in Massachusetts, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Oregon and Washington.
  1. One can have jellied cranberry sauce—which is extremely popular this time of year—contains around 200 cranberries.

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So for every event there are always little unknown facts about Thanksgiving 2016. All the amazing American Thanksgiving fact that you know must note this year along with trivia. We have tried to cover all the best basic Thanksgiving fun facts that are not as bad as biblical Brazilian butterfly facts. Some people also want to know about Canadian Thanksgiving facts and trivia with Charlie Brown facts. Most of the children Thanksgiving facts are related to Christian prayers and celebration ideas to work though call December.

  • Thanksgiving is the reason we have TV dinners! In 1953 Swanson had so much extra turkey that a salesperson suggested they package it in aluminum and sell it with sides like sweet potatoes – ta-da! TV dinners had arrived.
  • The first American Thanksgiving had no turkey, the menu for the holiday was: eel, venison, ducks, geese, lobster and fish.
  • The famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade began in 1924, and instead of helium balloons and pop music stars, it was a march with 400 employees and wild animals from the New York City zoo!

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The National Turkey Federation assessed that 46 million turkeys—one fifth of the yearly aggregate of 235 million expended in the United States—were eaten at Thanksgiving. In a review led by the National Turkey Federation, about 88 percent of Americans said they eat turkey at Thanksgiving. Since we all are rejoicing about the syllabus and there are also some of their depressing Thanksgiving fun facts which did you know fun facts about Thanksgiving. Some of the disturbing and disgusting Thanksgiving facts are done early on how Thanksgiving started in Canada and japan.

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